Our mission is to empower people to thrive professionally and personally through wellbeing.



    Discover workouts that fit everyone's lifestyles with 250+ studio & gym offerings, from barre and yoga to spin and HIIT


    Fuel busy days with meal kits, nutritious snacks and grocery delivery to make healthy eating not only doable, but also enjoyable


    Support mental wellbeing with offerings from mindfulness apps and talk therapy to personal finance coaching and childcare on-demand


    Boost confidence, reduce stress and conquer the day with a massage, blowout, cryotherapy session and clean products

  • WEAR

    Enhance workouts with high performance gear and data insights powered by the latest tracking devices

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During the first ten years of her career in financial services, Erika experienced firsthand the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while managing a demanding schedule with long hours. Although her company had a formal wellness program, the offerings didn’t provide access to the consumer health & fitness brands she and her co-workers used regularly in their personal lives.

Lunchtime conversations at work often centered around the Crossfit workout of the day, a debate about the best SoulCycle instructor or the Blue Apron meal someone made the night before- but none of these options were available through the company’s wellness program. As a member of the wellness committee, Erika also knew how difficult it was to meet the unique wellbeing needs of all employees.

She set out to change that by founding HealthKick to deliver a best-in-class consumer experience to employees with access to the leading consumer health and wellness brands they know and love that bring ease and convenience to healthy living, personalized to their individual interests and wellness needs.

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Tap into HealthKick’s curated network of wellbeing experts for Concierge services or on-site events.

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