WED, APR 17 12:00 PM EDT - 1:00 PM EDT
The Benefits of Plant Based Eating

Join Lindsey Kaszuba in an informative and eye-opening webinar on the benefits of plant-based eating. Discover how a plant-focused diet can fit into your current lifestyle, how it can boost your health and energy, and how to tune into what foods work best for you. Lindsey will share her personal journey with plant-focused eating, reveal how tuning into your body’s needs can lead you to healthier choices without strict diets, and introduce simple, delicious plant-based recipes. Embrace a simple approach to wellness and learn to nourish your body and soul with the power of plants.

THU, APR 18 12:00 PM EDT - 1:00 PM EDT
Psychology of Money with Bradley Baskir

Wealth is a complex concept, and personal perceptions, biases, and emotions about money can affect the financial decisions people make. This 60-minute seminar is designed to help attendees develop strategies for making objective decisions about money so they can manage their wealth more wisely.

WED, MAY 1 1:00 PM EDT - 2:00 PM EDT
Navigating Employee Wellbeing: Key Themes Shaping Modern Benefits

Supporting employee wellbeing is a top priority, yet achieving universal satisfaction remains challenging for HR teams. As we move into 2024, three key themes are shaping modern employee benefits: personalization, efficiency, and inclusivity. Join us for an insightful session where we delve into these critical areas shaping the future of employee benefits and explore how HealthKick can serve as your strategic ally in this journey.

TUE, MAY 14 12:00 PM EDT - 12:45 PM EDT
The Gut-Brain Connection: How Your Gut Health Shapes Your Mental Wellbeing with Injoy

Join experts from Injoy as they explore the intricate relationship between your gut microbiome and mental health. In this webinar, you'll learn about the latest research on the gut-brain connection and gain practical strategies for optimizing your gut health, including the benefits of a fiber-rich diet, effective stress management techniques, and the role of probiotics.

By understanding the profound impact of your gut health on your mental well-being, you'll be empowered to make informed choices that support both your physical and emotional health.

WED, MAY 15 12:00 PM EDT - 1:00 PM EDT
Managing Parenting Stress with Joanna Loewi

As beautiful as parenthood is, it is also a challenging role that comes with an enormous amount of stress. Join Joanna Loewi, (aka The Present Mama), parenting coach and seasoned educator, as she shares practical, mindfulness-based tools to help you feel more present and experience greater ease in the day-to-day chaos of life as a parent. Learn how small, simple shifts can lead to radical changes.

FRI, MAY 17 12:00 PM EDT - 12:45 PM EDT
Meditation to Relax, Recharge and Reset with ClassPass and Unplugged

This session, Led by Suze Yalof Schwartz Unplug Founder & CEO, will be a guided relaxation meditation to create more inner peace, and rejuvenate energy and calm in your life. By regularly engaging in this practice, individuals can cultivate a deeper connection with themselves, reduce stress, and promote overall mental and emotional balance. So, get ready to relax with this calming meditation session.

WED, MAY 22 12:00 PM EDT - 1:00 PM EDT
From Burnout to Balance: A Therapist's Guide to Mental Resilience in the Workplace with BetterHelp

Join BetterHelp therapist to discuss how to manage your mental wellbeing in the workplace. Whether you are feeling stressed out or need to learn how to manage your work-life balance, this session will be what you need to show up as your best self throughout the workday.

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